Milos Paripovic - Portfolio


I am User Experience Designer, Digital and 3D Artist.

Even though I have been gradually moving away from 3D after 14 years of working in this field, I still enjoy it, and this website is mostly dedicated to that part of my personality. You will also find some of the software tools I developed as a part of some other personal project, some programs that some might find useful and which were part of my learning processes, and several of my art installations and animations finished mostly during pursuit of my M.A. degree in Digital Arts. As this site was a playground while I was experimenting with jQuery and WP it will remain halfway finished until my priority personal projects see the light of the day.



Design/Media Art

MiniNORRIS (official)

Strongest car in the world!

3D Scanner – Casing Design

New 3D Laser Scanner housing design


Car design – Cleaner futuristic look of the BMW

Art of Making Love

Interactive Installation


Redesign of Zastava’s Yugo. Fun and sarcastic parallel between Yugo flaws and electric car features.


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This website contains my 3+ year old projects.


My UX portflio is available only on request!


To see what am I working on right now go to: