Mini Norris - Strongest Car in the World

Mininorris is an electric urban vehicle.


Answer to the question: “How would the strongest car in the world look like?”


Cars have human-like characteristics. They have symmetry, headlights for eyes, grill for the mouth, bumpers for the chin. This gives them facial expression, ranging from sad to angry or aggressive.
What would happen if we exaggerated those facial features, but still keep them stylized and abstract? How would we project most desirable characteristics like “safe” and “strong” onto the exterior design? Whose face do we choose?

Mini Norris - Fastest Electric Car in the World

The Higgs boson has been finally found! When two mininorrisses crash into each other (frontal collision) with the speed of over 60 km/h, the higgs boson is released and can be recorded with even a smartphone camera.

Mini Norris - Best Car in the World


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