BMW N8 2003

Creating this sports car for my own pleasure back in 2003, I have decided to play with BMW logo. Headlights seen from the front are divided with horizontal and vertical line forming the BMW logo. The nostrils, characteristic with all BMW models, are kept.

I have decided to simplify contour lines and this way I have lost a breaking line between the hood and the windshield, and therefore gained on better aerodynamic look of the car. All lines and proportions are drawn according to Golden Ratio.

BMW introduced more fluid lines in 2010 with its Concept Vision EfficientDynamics or BMW i8, having more aggressive look. I still prefer calmer and cleaner futuristic form I presented with this design back in 2003. Back then I called it "BMW N3" but I have mistaken it with another concept I had and uploaded it on some other websites as N8.

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Miloš Paripović