Peugeot Fulcrum 2012

Peugeot Fulcrum is a car designed for Peugeot design concurs on a theme retro-futuristic car. Designers were supposed to unite retro elements characteristic for Peugeot’s old car models with own vision of the futurism. To stay as close as possible to the Peugeot’s design values, my decision was to redesign one of their more successful models from that period – Peugeot 202.

Details important for recognition were kept, as for example, position of the headlights, grill, blinkers, while some others details conflicting with today’s standard of safety were modified.

The greatest similarity of Fulcrum with its inspiration model can be seen from profile view. Several lines were more or less directly transferred onto the redesigned model.

This car later featured in my animated film "Un Chi¥ Andalou Digital" which also draws parallel between old and new in a satiric way (soon will be uploaded in ART section).

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Miloš Paripović