Samsung POS 2008

After moving to USA I have noticed that product presentation is completely neglected and there are no Point-Of-Sale displays involved. Jobs even thought that unpackaging experience was more important than store design, even though most people would buy his products if these were shipped in a newspaper wrap.
European market is different. I have designed this one while working for Loop Design for Austrian market to be a camera holder (in-store display) for upcoming Samsung NV24HD compact camera (2008). What could be better camera holder than a hand?!
Thick plexyglass sheet is laser cut and a sheet of mirror-foil is transferred to the head part so a customer could see other side of the camera at the same time. Plexyglass is transparent enough and is a contrasting material to still bring attention to the slick black metal design of the camera. You can see here several proposed variations of the design.

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Miloš Paripović