Zugo 2012

ZUGO is a "Low-Cost" Open-Source electric city car, inspired by original Yugo 45 (1978) from Zastava corporation. New name is a typo "Yugo" written on Serbo-Croatian keyboard. Its target group are loyal owners of old Zastava models and other practical people. Because of the simplicity of the electric cars, ZUGO would be easy and cheap to maintain, and all DO IT YOURSELF repairs and modifications popular in this region would be even encouraged by providing all the part designs and schematics. This way ZUGO could even get popular with hobbyists.

Car dimensions, some lines and sharp edges are kept from the original car to evoke emotions of former Yugo car owners. Sharp edges are in their movement gradually morphed into curved shapes to realize this retro-modern look.

Yugo is still on streets in Serbia and many owners could draw parallel to the electric version and I could not resist making following sarcastic slides :)

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Miloš Paripović