In 2007 I founded a startup for developing custom 3D solutions and this was one of the projects. After several years of manually 3D modeling all museum exhibits, partner company decided to finance R&D for custom in-house 3D scanning solution that could be used in museums and would simplify our work. We have set the requirements I have designed and developed complete modular system, hardware and software interface, scanning/editing software and designed several versions of device's housing (See in ID section). The mission was to create affordable 3D scanning solution for museum applications to simplify this task.

My Tasks:

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Several iterations of the prototype were successfully finished but in 2010 the company that ordered the research and development went bankrupt before commercialization of the device. Soon afterwards, many great photogammetry solutions surfaced including 123D Catch from Autodesk and also open source 3d scanners based on Kinect were everywhere, so decision was made to stop further development of this project..

Miloš Paripović