Installation News Panorama is a critic on the way wars are presented in media. The dark room divided horizontally with just a thin line separating top from the bottom half of the room-space is the analogy of what is presented to us by media about the wars in the world. Red line as the point of confrontation of two war sides, confrontation place of two dark halves, the line selectively drawn by media. The line is projected as the horizon just above the eye level, as non-leveled horizon, the one you can not look over, as unreachable, as a barrier blocking your site.


The red line is in fact composed of five red lines close to each other which are projected by five lasers connected to a computer. This computer is constantly downloading the most current news of wars in the world. The headlines are collected into a letter array and projected 360 degrees around the viewer.

The words change so fast that the one can recognize only every hundredth word, while subconsciousness gathers much more.

The dark room creates the anticipation, not knowing what comes, what is hidden in the darkness, waiting for the new day in total dark while being afraid even to light a cigarette. Creating tense and nervousness on subconsciousness level with the word WAR blinking in a millisecond… saying more than a thousand pictures.


The installation was made during my course of studies and later modified to be exhibited in Flak Tower in Arenbergpark (Vienna, Austria), which is an above-ground, anti-aircraft gun blockhouse tower constructed during war in 1942.

Miloš Paripović