Portfolio websites should be all about the user experience as these sites rarely provide a real value to an accidental visitor. If prospective employer is the only intended audience then a downloadable pdf or a Behance page should suffice.

This is user Interface of my old website created in 2004. Flash with AS2 and movie objects with their own timelines was an amazing tool to create fun interactive experiences with 0 lines of code (this flash website had a bit more but if I remember, less than 100 lines). Today we use halfbaked HTML5 standard, invent new ways to make non-compiled code run smooth and test in multiple browsers. Timelines are just not possible any more. This 2015 website uses 2 frameworks, one plugin for zoom, and already has 1200+ lines of custom javascript and 500+ lines of css. Talking about new technology making our lives easier :P

Even if Adobe and Steve had not ruined these things for us, this particular flash website would not work today. Hovering a link with a finger on a touchscreen laptops or tablets is still not possible, while iPads do not even support flash, so the experience is not quite the same. That is why I turned to a more compatible technology for making the current website.

Take a look how this website looked 10+ years ago

Miloš Paripović