I made the previous version of my personal website (2011) in Wordpress while experimenting with responsive content. I have realized that I did not take full advantages of CMS as I don't create that much content to justify dependence on Apache, MySQL, multiple hosting servers' load and associated overhead for the benefit of easier updating. New version will be is SPA taking advantage of AngularJS and modern browser hardware acceleration for better user experience. I started it in March 2015 and I hope to have most of the old projects on the site by the end of 2015. Improving the experinece is continuous process while content itself can wait.

I am not happy with the changes planned for AngularJS 2 but I have decided to use this framework anyway. The framework itself required quite a bit of improvisation but it was still a fun process.

Connected experience of this website has been made possible thanks to zoomooz jQuery plugin developed by Janne Aukia from http://jaukia.github.io/zoomooz/
It also powers the gallery in ID section.

Since my previous version of site in 2011 I have used Thumb Reel by Sam Dunn. It was clean enough to be a perfect starting point for the experience I wanted to achieve. I am aware that I have three slightly different experiences of navigating through projects but all are similar enough not to require additional user effort to switch/use. In addition to that, not all visitors will be interested in all five categories of my work. Analytics will show if certain aspects will need alterations.

Keyboard picture from homepage is makde by Flickr user kwixson from https://www.flickr.com/photos/kwixson/3683273927/in/photostream/ as CC License (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/) with sketch filter applied

Edit 2015-11-18:

The comeplete Case Study is available on my LinkedIn article bit.ly/UXCase

Miloš Paripović