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  • On Microinteractions

    Dribbble is full of cute UI animations and quite a few designers confuse them with microinteracations. Some people confuse it with a similar sounding word – “Drivel”. Many of those are more of an interstitial than a microinteraction. If they tell a story they can not be a microinteraction.

    Microinteractions should serve the original experience. […]

  • Museum Presentation

  • 5min Reminder

    This is a small app I needed but could not find one with the UX good enough. There is always something that has to be done in exactly 5 minutes.


    It is a simple reminder app fixed to 5 minutes. It has a widget-like functionality but without the stress on the system. The process […]

  • Disable Android ads

    Do you remember those retro gif banners flashing green-red: “Congratulations you are visitor number…”

    I did rememer it when I first saw Airpush ads showing in notification area…

    I would want to get money, but I would not poke someone in the eye in that effort, violate their ears and take 5 minutes of their […]

  • Earning with Android SDK

    If you are android developer you could see this message in Developer Console

    18 October 2011: Correction of active install count calculation

    Open any android app on the market and you will see this is the graph of installations since they fixed the installation counter.

    (Charts of 3 random apps from the market, each […]

  • Android Market experience

    From the developer perspective at this point I must say I am extremely dissatisfied with Android Market

    I have just uploaded my new app RestFeed and here are Developer Console welcome messages:

    • 25 October 2011 – Recently published apps not appearing in Android Market: We’re aware of reports from some developers that apps recently […]

  • RestFEED – my news reading app

    Simple Android feed reader I made for my personal use and without features I do not need. Just a simple feed reader with images (and blacklisting).



    I was not satisfied with other feed reading apps because all fancy features made them useless and slow.

    This app is as fast as the each news […]

  • Pizza Calculator

    To be able to design UX for platform I believe one needs to know how to develop for that platform so I made up a few projects to familiarize myself with Android platform development.


    Did you know that one 14 inch pizza is almost twice the size of 10 inch pizza?!


    We often […]