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  • On Microinteractions

    Dribbble is full of cute UI animations and quite a few designers confuse them with microinteracations. Some people confuse it with a similar sounding word – “Drivel”. Many of those are more of an interstitial than a microinteraction. If they tell a story they can not be a microinteraction.

    Microinteractions should serve the original experience. […]

  • Better Context Menus

    One of the UI behaviors that really influences user experience is how tight is the feedback loop. At the moment users see an unexpected wait/spinning cursor their forward train-of-thought is broken as they try to find causality for that feedback by remembering what they did a second ago.

    In One Commander v1, and all other […]

  • Usability improvement goals
    • Maximize use of screen space
    • Shorten key / mouse length for every action
    • Use 80:20 rule use to present most needed information at glance
    • Closer feedback loop – Making result of an action immediate
    • Increased speed

    This list is made for One Commander V2 but it can and should be on every end […]

  • Vertical Screen Space

    One of the biggest problem with One Commander I have recognized (and received complains about) is not enough vertical space for files. At the moment 230px of vertical space is unused.

    On the height of 768px of 1024×768 screen:

    • 5% Windows Taskbar
    • 30% OC UI
    • 65% File List

    Starting from the top: […]

  • Golden Ratio in UI Design

    Watching this Windows 10 event I have noticed a pattern which I used a few times before. I had to remeasure the UI and it seems it was intentionally used – Golden Ratio. Coincidence or intentional design?

    Whether one thinks there is something more behind Phi or not, it surely makes it more balanced than […]