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  • MiniNORRIS (official)

    Mininorris is an electric urban vehicle.

    Answer to the question: “How would the strongest car in the world look like?”

    Cars have human-like characteristics. They have symmetry, headlights for eyes, grill for the mouth, bumpers for the chin. This gives them facial expression, ranging from sad to angry or aggressive. What would happen if […]

  • BMW N8

    Creating this sports car for my own pleasure, I have decided to play with semiotics. Headlights seen from the front, are divided with horizontal and vertical line forming the BMW logo. The nostrils, characteristic with all BMW models, are kept.

    I have decided to simplify contour lines and this way I have lost a […]

  • Zugo

    Zugo is my entry to the design contest within biggest automotive design conference in Europe – Auto(r) held in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2011.  on a theme “Design new car body type for transition economies in 2020”. The design finished on 6th place.

    Project description

    ZUGO is a “Low-Cost” Open-Source electric city car, inspired by […]

  • Peugeot Fulcrum


    Peugeot Fulcrum is a car designed for Peugeot design concurs on a theme retro-futuristic car. Designers were supposed to unite retro elements characteristic for Peugeot’s old car models with own vision of the futurism. To stay as close as possible to the Peugeot’s design values, my decision was to redesign one of their more […]