• Tesla Model B Concept Car


    Vision of Tesla Car with a more futuristic design



  • Making of Future Boy HoloLens Game




    The original Future Boy artwork illustrated a boy in the attic wearing HoloLens while hanging out with his holographic robot friend and going through boxes of this parent’s old stuff. He pulled out an unknown dusty object from the Kitchen box – an iPad. It has been misplaced in the Kitchen box […]

  • iPoo SE

    This potty is inspired by Apple’s announcement of iPhone SE. I went an extra mile and created a whole parody website with two more “Apple” products. You can see it at http://MacToilet.com

    Read more about the idea and the process at the site’s about page.


  • Augemented Reality Test in Unity + Vuforia

    I have been playing with ARToolkit about 8 years ago but with Vuforia and Unity it has become even easier. This test renders the building in real-time using a smartphone. For the test I used Nexus 4 which has far from a good camera but it was still good enough for pretty stable tracking.


  • Publishing Universal Windows App Troubles

    App was pronounced done and it was time to see how easy was process of publishing it to the Windows Store.

    I went online to the Developer Console and started app submission and completed a few pages of questions.

    Then came packaging: RMB on project -> Store -> Create App Package

    From there everything seemed […]

  • UWP and Windows 10 Icons

    Next in my app development I needed some mediaplayer icons for my app. I never liked this part before as my workflow was searching through Syncfusion MetroStudio to find suitable icon, which I sometimes could not find; On success I would search through UI guidelines to see how close it is to the default OS […]

  • Windows UWP development from WPF Deverloper’s perspective

    It took me a while to get myself to interest in development on Universal Windows Platform. Without going to Build conferences or watching them it is hard to pick up related information without knowing what you are looking for. Once one starts reading it is overwhelming: What is WinRT? Difference between Windows Store Apps and […]

  • Future Hololens Kid – Process

    In October, the Microsoft’s Hololens demo got me thinking that the future generations will probably look at today’s tablets the same way as Generation Z looks at Handheld Electronic Games:

    If a kid today found this on the attic, they would know that this is some kind of game even if the screen was […]

  • CSS Ellipsis issues

    I had issues with titles on this posts where the ellipsis would not work and text would wrap to a next line. Apparently all these CSS lines were necessary:

    width: 100%; text-overflow: ellipsis; white-space: nowrap; overflow: hidden;

    Keywords: paragraph ellipsis, text wrapping, css text trimming

  • Nexus 5 vs Lumia 640 vs Lumia 640 XL

    A few days ago I was in Microsoft Store and I wanted to test if it would make sense to upgrade Nexus 5 (2013) to Lumia 640 or Lumia 640 XL… it would not. Take a look at the image – crops of the same image were enlarged to 200% with Nearest Neighbor method so […]

  • Alternative to Vertical Scrolling Lists

    My answer on Quora post on this subject.

    Humans are very good at finding patterns everywhere and to quickly group individual but similar things for easier processing. This feature of ours enables us to process and memorize information easier.

    Now lets think about concept of Miller’s Law. It states that we can process 7±2 pieces […]

  • What I want in the Surface Phone

    I am on the market for a new phone. Currently I have Nexus 4 and even though I have tried upgrading from 4.4.4 to 5.x, and even to 6 several times, I would return within 3 days because of all battery/camera/restarting/sleep/other issues. I have also tried several 3rd party ROMs but that was a waste […]

  • Autodesk Memento vs PhotoScan vs PhotoModeler

    Today we unpacked and started playing with a new 3d scanner, but after we got hugely disappointed we decided to try these two photogrammetry programs/services instead.

    The test figurine is Phil from Duck Dynasty, a 9cm high figurine. I am NOT a fan of the show; I sculpted this figurine in 2013 when I was […]

  • 3D Print Tolerances

    Before 3D printing familiarize yourself with your printer’s extrusion thickness. On Ultimaker 2 is .46mm and I suggest setting your 3d program with grid snap of the same width. Since the printer starts with the offset line of the object, take it and measure with caliper – the width of .48 could be more […]

  • 3ds Max menu disappearing bug

    Fault: Firefox is running.

    Solution: Close 3ds Max and Firefox, start 3ds Max, start Chrome of Microsoft Edge

    Tags: 3ds Max menu disappearing, 3ds Max context menu disappearing, 3d max menu showing shortly, 3ds max menu bug, context menu bug

  • 3D Printing in Color

    Being a 3D artist in late 90s was much harder than today. The software was not that great or easy to use. I remember 3D Studio v4 for DOS had separate modes for 2d drawing, converting them to 3d models, material editing and animation… and today automatic photogrammetry services have 3 button interfaces and almost […]