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3D Sculptures

Norman Reedus 3D Sculpture - Daryl from The Walking Dead Michael Rooker 3D Sculpture - Merle from The Walking Dead Jeff Bridges 3D Sculpture - Dude Peter Dinklage 3D Sculpture - Tyrion Lanister from The Game of Thrones Charlie Hunnam 3D Sculpture - Jax from The Sons of Anarchy Ron Perlman 3D Sculpture - Clay from The Sons of Anarchy Jim Parsons 3D Sculpture - Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory David Duchovny 3D Sculpture - Inspector Mulder from The X-Files Gillian Anderson 3D Sculpture - Dr Scully from The X-Files Jamie Foxx 3D Sculpture - Actor; Spiderman Alfred Hitchcock 3D Sculpture - Director Wentworth Miller 3D Sculpture - Michael Scofield from The Prison Break Josh Radnor 3D Sculpture - Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother Terry O'Quinn 3D Sculpture - John Locke from Lost; Gavin from The 666 Park Avenue David Tennant 3D Sculpture - Dr Who John Barrowman 3D Sculpture - Dr Who Tom Baker 3D Sculpture - Dr Who Clara Oswald 3D Sculpture - Dr Who Matt Smith 3D Sculpture - Dr Who Travis Fimmel 3D Sculpture - Ragnar from Vikings Katheryn Winnick 3D Sculpture - Lagertha from Vikings Angelina Jolie 3D Sculpture - Maleficent

Industrial Designer

BMW N8 Car Concept Design Peugeot Fulcrum Car Concept Design Zastava Zugo Car Concept Design Mini Norris - Parody Car Concept Design 3D Laser Scanner Design Design Samsung POS Display Design Design Doking Car Interior Concept Design

Software Developer

One Commander - Free File Manager for Windows One Commander V2 File Manager Modular 3D Scanner Software RestFEED - Android RSS News Reader App 5 min reminder - Android Utility App Museum DVD Presentation for Pavle Beljanski Memorial Collection Relief Draw - Windows utility for creating low poly reliefs from photographs DSLR Bracketeer - Windows utility for focus bracketing using Canon DSLR cameras This Website - version of the site is made with AngularJS and jQuery This website's experience in 2004

Digital Artist

Eyefilm - 3D film exploring perception in virtual reality environment Great Wave off Kanagawa Relief News Panorama - Art Installation AoML - Art Installation